The club

Enso Ju Jitsu is run by Lee Alexander Sensei who has been practicing Martial Arts for over 15 years. From a young age Lee Sensei has had a keen interest in martial arts, this lead him to start Ju Jitsu after trying out a number of other martial arts. After obtaining his Shodan Ho (black belt) in 2009 he developed his skill and teaching in Jujitsu but also started training and grading in several other martial arts including Aikido and Iaido (the art of drawing the Japanese sword) which he brings to his teaching.

In 2016 after moving to the area Lee Sensei has started his club Enso Ju Jitsu.

“Welcome to Enso Ju Jitsu, I would like to start with a thank you, for taking the time in looking at the website. I remember when I first started Martial Arts I was weary and nervous at trying something new and different. I started by going to watch a couple of local Martial Arts clubs, one of which was Ju Jitsu (which at the time I know nothing about). As I watched the class I was immediately captivated at how people did these throws, locks and the danced around each other (I had only seen this type of thing on TV and in films). Sufficed to say I started the next session and now over 10 years later here I am with a club of my own and hoping to give my students that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm I experienced when I started. I greatly look forward to seeing you at the next session”.

Dōmo arigatō gozaimasu (Thank you very much)

Lee Alexander Sensei

Sandan (3rd Dan)

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