Ju Jitsu

What is Ju Jiitsu?

“Ju” meaning gentle, soft, flexible and “Jitsu” meaning art or science.

Jujitsu or Ju juitsu is a Japanese martial art practices by the samurai in feudal Japan. The samurai were an elite warriors class, similar to European Knights. The relevance of Ju Jitsu to a samurai can be life saving, on the battle field if a samurai lost or damaged his weapon he could rely on his unarmed training to defeat an opponent, by using throws, locks, dislocations and breaks.

Today we see Ju Jitsu take many forms, some that you might not even realise. Films such as batman, Bourne series, Daniel Craig’s James Bond… They all use Ju Jitsu. The military, police forces, prison services and restrain training for medical staff again all use moves derived from Ju Jitsu.

At Enso Ju Jitsu we practice both modern application and traditional techniques, that way we enjoy both the origins of Ju Jitsu and the modern adaptations used to suit our modern way of life